Forex Automated Trading Systems

Automated trading or robot trading system facilitates forex trading by allowing investors to define a set of parameters for trade entry and exit points. Configuring the automated system with these executable rules vests automated trading systems with the authority to alter specific entry and exit points, enabling them to monitor trades and execute rules according to different scenarios.

The rules that are defined for entry and exit points are generally based on simple logic most commonly consisting of moving average crossover. However, there are certain forex automated trading systems that are governed by complex strategies so handling them requires the skills of a qualified programmer. Some popular and widely-used automated trading systems are discussed below in detail:

EA Shark 6.0 – This is a popular automated trading system among many forex traders, largely because of the fact that it promises low risk and high yield on investments. EA Shark 6.0 assesses the forex market for positive and negative indicators using a series of complex strategies and calculations that are based on custom indicators, technical analysis methods, pivot points, statistical data and inter-market news. Using these values that are defined by some of the most successful forex traders in the world, the automated system notifies traders of the ideal opportunities for trading. This way, traders are allowed more time to safely adapt to actual market conditions. EA Shark 6.0 boasts an impressive trading success rate of 95% to guarantee low risk and high yield.

ProFx 2.0 – This semi-automatic trading tool is ideally suited for swing and intraday trading. In this program, the values, rules and strategies that govern entry and exit points are defined by some of the world’s most renowned and successful traders. As a result, ProFX continuously identifies and analyzes leading market trends and patterns, translating gathered data into accurate and easily interpretable trading signals for the convenience of forex traders. The innovative program even offers traders SMS and Email notifications on the most current trading signals through its integrated instant notification feature.

EA Sigma 4.0 – This is another highly adaptive automated forex trading system that is designed to deliver traders high yields in an array of different market conditions. The sophisticated software program uses a series of complex algorithms like technical analysis, inter-market data and correlations to identify optimal trade entries that promise high yield with the lowest possible risk. The smart and intuitive AI (Artificial Intelligence) embedded into the program does a superb job in anticipating favorable and ominous market conditions, allowing traders to adapt just in time. The automated trading system has a recorded trading success rate of 95% while also guaranteeing 100% hands-free and emotionless forex trading.

Automated forex trading platforms are ideally suited for those investors who are unable to dedicate much time owing to other commitments. Moreover, it also commonly used by people who are relatively new to the trading business and who have little knowledge of the dynamics that govern the market. Automated trading systems minimize the risks involved in forex trading and promise high yields.